Public Speaking

AI can seem complicated, confusing, or even scary.
I help people see it as simple, exciting, and inspiring.

Some people think AI is a complex technology that doesn’t concern them and just Google engineers can understand. Some even think it’s a scary technology that will ruin us all.

This is far from true.

AI is one of the most powerful technologies we ever had available, and it’s surprisingly democratic.

As you don’t need to be a mechanical engineer to drive a car, you don’t need to be a PhD in computer science to understand AI and be inspired by its potential.

This is the mind shift that I help people do: I help them see what AI is, and how it’s shaping our society. Then I inspire them to know more and embrace it in their professional development.

If you want to get people to see one of today’s most powerful and controversial technologies in a different light, I can help you.

I have a track record of speaking to thousands of people in different contexts, ranging from Universities like Harvard, corporate events at P&G and Merck, and conferences with up to 60.000 participants like the European Utilities Week in Amsterdam.


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Corporate clients

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What people say about me

"You’re so far the only person I can listen to for hours and still be focused because of the passion you have for this subject. Thank you for the inspiration and hope to see you again."

Harris Vagelopoulos

AI change agent - AI Sweden

"Everyone was really happy and was kept thinking by your comments. You threw out there a couple of wonderful and pertinent questions with the surety of a marksman but the humility of a mere human. I loved it, and I know others fell in love with your energy"

Dr. Victor J. Krebs

Professor at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

"You opened up a world that was right in front of my eyes, but which I still hadn't stopped to look at :) Thank you Gianluca!"

Carolina Arogeri

Performance marketing manager at 7Pixel.

Speaking topics:

  • Demystifying modern AI
    Everyone talks about AI these days. But what is really? This battle-tested talk is designed to help any kind of audience understand the core principles of modern AI, and see how it affects the products and services we all use. Accessible, fun, and memorable.

  • The AI golden era
    Why is everyone talking about AI now, and not 40 years ago? This talk goes beyond buzzwords and slogans to put modern AI into a broader technological and economical perspective, helping people understand why the right time to invest in this technology is now.

  • The algorithmic tyranny - when AI goes wrong and how to fix it
    The ethics of AI are one of today’s biggest concerns. In this talk, we dig deep into case studies of AI gone wrong - explaining what happened and why. The talk ends on a positive, empowering note, describing strategies to fix these issues in the future and highlighting the role everyone can play in ensuring a future where AI benefits everyone.

  • Custom events
    Do you have specific needs? Reach out and let’s discuss how I may help you reach your goals.

Watch me speak:

  • Travel from:
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Available for remote speaking from my studio with professional cameras, lighting, and audio equipment.

  • Languages:
    English, Italian

Please notice:
this page is about short public speaking engagements. If you’re interested in longer corporate training, check out my corporate training page.

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