Gianluca Mauro

AI entrepreneur, author and speaker.

I’m on a mission to help people understand AI to navigate today's world

Gianluca Mauro at TEDx Barletta

I teach AI, advise on AI transformation and inspire leaders at Harvard, P&G, Merck, Pampers,

Total 🇫🇷, Enel 🇮🇹, Daikin 🇩🇪🇯🇵, Generali 🇮🇹, Bon Prix 🇩🇪, Capgemini 🇫🇷, Brunello Cucinelli 🇮🇹, Admiral 🇮🇹, EIT Innoenergy 🇧🇪, Poli Design 🇮🇹, ESCP executive MBA, Lisbon, LUMSA University 🇮🇹 University of Rome San Raffaele 🇮🇹 AI for Energy Manager workshop 🇫🇷 Daikin executive training 🇩🇪 International University of Monaco 🇲🇨 Università of Rome La Sapienza 🇮🇹

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“Applying Machine Learning to business requires to adapt your mindset. Gianluca has the keys to unlock that potential.”

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Fabio Pistilli

Head of Data at Fater, FMCG company with €1B+ turnover

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About me

I taught AI to thousands of people, from high school students to executives at billion-dollar corporations.
I believe that AI should be democratic. Every organization and every professional should be able to understand it and use it.

This is what pushed me to found AI Academy, write Zero to AI, and publish a free weekly newsletter.

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