Hi, I'm Gianluca Mauro

an entrepreneur, speaker and author on a mission to empower people to prosper in the AI era.

Quick facts:

  • I'm an engineer, Data Scientist and Entrepreneur
  • My passion and mission is to make AI democratic. I want everyone to understand what it is AI, why I believe it's so powerful and how they can use it.
  • I'm the founder of AI Academy, a company specialized in training, coaching and strategic consulting on Artificial Intelligence.
  • I wrote a book called "Zero to AI", a non-technical, hype-free guide to help people without a technical background understand and use AI in their job.
  • I run a weekly newsletter called "AI insiders". You can become a member of the list by adding your email here (no spam, won't ever sell your data to anyone - you have my word).
  • If you're interested in AI as well, follow my media channels:
p.s.: I added some more random facts at the bottom of the website :)

About AI Academy

A lot of organizations today want to start using AI, or are already doing some initial projects. However, when I came back from living in Silicon Valley I found out that outside of the tech sector there's still a lot of confusion, uncertainty, and foggy ideas on what AI really is and how to implement it successfully.

For this reason, me and my good friend Nicolò Valigi decided to start a company called AI Academy. We help organizations doing two things:

  • Education: we train and coach business people to improve their understanding of what AI is and what they can do with it.
  • Consulting: we provide our technical expertise and leadership to help organizations build successful AI projects.

About My book "Zero to AI"

Together with my good friend Nicolò, I wrote a book called "From Zero to AI - A non-technical, hype-free guide to prospering in the AI era". This is our attempt at democratizing AI. We worked hard for one year and a half to transform our knowledge into simple words to allow everyone to understand what AI is, what you can do with it, and how to practically bring it into an organization.

"This is the book to start reading now to ensure you can make the right decisions on how to apply AI in your business"
Sune Lomholt - Principal Consultant at Valcon
"The best book, currently, on realistic AI applications: factual, accurate and hype-free"
Alain Couniot - Head of Enterprise Architecture, STIB-MIVB

My work to make AI democratic

I don't just help companies through AI Academy, I also try to reach as many people as I can to create more awareness on this technology.

I do it online on my social media channels, that you can subscribe to here:

I also love doing public speaking. Public speaking is the first activity I jumped into when I came back from Silicon Valley.
I run three kinds of keynotes: inspirational, educational, and business-focused. Are you interested in booking me for a cool conference or in-house event? Let's talk about it!

Photos "from the road"

Here's a collection of images from some keynotes and lectures I've done! In order: a class I gave at at the ESCP Europe Executive MBA, the European Utilities Conference in Amsterdam, the AI conference at the "Università Pontificia" in Rome, the Blast Conference and the DigiSouth opening event in Salerno.

Some random facts about me:

  • I'm a Martial Arts black belt
  • I also won a Kickboxing world championship (crazy times...).
  • Now I don't fight anymore, but I still go to the gym to lift heavy objects from the floor.
  • I've been playing guitar since I was 10. I actually have pictures of me with fake guitars when I was 3, looking at a Queen VHS my dad had recorded :D.
  • I was a metalhead, now I'm into electronic music and I'm trying to learn how to DJ.
  • I love dogs. I had a Dobermann named Randy and two Labradors named Melody and Martin.
  • I love food. A lot. I think I'm a decent cook.

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