Gianluca Mauro

AI entrepreneur, speaker and troublemaker.

I'm on a mission to inspire anyone to make sense of AI and use it to drive positive change.

I have been working in the AI industry for nearly a decade, long before the recent ChatGPT craze.

My journey began by consulting, creating, and introducing AI algorithms for big names like Pampers and Merck. This adventure taught me one crucial lesson: the key to succeeding in AI implementation lies not in the algorithms, but rather in the people involved.

Fuelled by this belief, I started AI Academy in 2017. Our mission is simple: to help anyone—no matter their skills—embrace AI in their work, spark positive change, and unleash their potential.

I also give lectures at Harvard's Executive Education programs, John Hopkins, ESCP, and other prestigious universities. To make AI knowledge democratic, I share my vision with my social media community of 100k+ members (on TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram, and email).

My firm belief is that we can only build a better world with AI if everyone benefits from it. That's why I dig deep into AI ethics and led a groundbreaking investigation for The Guardian on AI gender bias. My expose, titled "There is no standard’: investigation finds AI algorithms objectify women’s bodies" sparked conversations all around the globe.


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Corporate clients

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Fabio pistilli Head of data at Fater
“Applying AI to your business requires adapting your mindset. Gianluca has the keys to unlock that potential.”
Fabio Pistilli - Head of Data at Fater, FMCG company with €1B+ turnover

My mission in 10 minutes.

Watch my TED talk and discover why Artificial Intelligence is more human than you think.

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