I specialize in teaching AI to people without a technical background.

I've built AI projects for companies ranging from early stage startups to multinational corporations. I've seen over and over that the companies that succeed are not the ones with the best technology. They're the ones with the people who understand AI best.

Knowledge is the only gap that separates any person from a successful career in AI, and their companies from successful AI projects.

This is why I invested years in developing a methodology to teach AI to everyone, from students to business executives. I break down complex AI concepts into simple bits.

Free from the frustration of complex math or computer code, I give you the confidence to understand how AI can shape your career or your company.

How I can help you:

Online education

I teach online programs to help ambitious professionals up their AI game.

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Zero to AI

Zero to AI is my book on Artificial Intelligence. It's a non-technical, hype-free guide to understand AI and how to implement it in an organization.

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Workshops and public speaking

I educated and inspired people ranging from high-school students to CEOs at billion dollar companies.

Whether you need to train your team or inspire an audience, I can help you.

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