Corporate Tech Scouting

AI, Blockchain, NFTs, the Metaverse, VR…there’s SO much stuff happening in tech that is easy to get overwhelmed.

Failing to understand a new technology trend can have consequences on your business, but to do that you need to spend tens of hours of research to filter through all the clickbait information that is around. Most companies don’t have the time to do that.
If you’re also a busy manager with no time to stay up to date on tech, I can help you and your team.
Every day I spend hours researching the world of tech so you don’t have to and condense my findings into simple, easy-to-digest, and engaging private webinars.

Examples of topics:

  • The Metaverse: what is it now, what can it become, why it matters.

  • NFTs: what are they, what are the opportunities.

  • AI-driven personalization.

  • TikTok’s technology, strategy, and impact.

  • AI ethics and regulation: what’s the path to safer AI?

  • Big tech strategies (covering Apple, Facebook, Tesla, etc.).

  • Face recognition: how does it work, and what are the applications.

  • Self-driving: where are why now, and why is it so hard?

My approach to Tech Scouting

We select together the tech topics that matter. For each tech topic, I prepare 1.5hr long deep dives where I explain the technology, present the current trends, introduce the open challenges and we discuss the implications together with your team.
You and your team participate in your private webinar, get the recording in the podcast and video format, the PowerPoint slides, and all the research links I used if you want to dig deeper. I’m available for questions also after the webinar and keep sending relevant links when something relevant happens, so you’re always on the edge.

My principles are:

  • Neutrality: I don’t have a hidden agenda to sell products, so I present facts in the most neutral way possible.

  • Inclusivity: I spend a lot of time making sure that the content is easy to understand for everyone, and don’t assume any prior knowledge of tech.

  • Interactivity: you and your team will get to ask me questions and discuss together the implications of the technology we discuss on your business

Why choose me over research companies?

Tech is complex. I don’t believe that a pdf with some graphs is enough to understand how it can shape your business. I believe that the key to understanding today’s tech is asking the right questions and discussing them with a group of diverse people.
This is why my approach to tech scouting and research is to start a conversation where we can think together about how tech will impact your business and society in general. Interaction is what sets me apart.
I also personally believe that talking to a human is more fun than reading a pdf, but maybe that’s just me 🙂

Want to watch a sample session?