Advisory & Coaching

I advise companies on their AI strategy with a hands-on, “let’s get sh*t done” approach.

What makes me stand out from other consultants is that I actually have technical expertise, and coded quite some AI projects myself early in my career. The experience I gained makes me comfortable both with high-level strategic decisions and with technical details on algorithms or deployment strategies.

Key results I obtained:

  • Lead the development of the first AI use case at Merck Italy. I identified the use case, lead the data acquisition strategy, run interviews with stakeholders and domain experts, coded the first prototype, pitched it to global executives, and advised on the strategy to scale it in Europe.

  • Kickstarted a process of AI transformation in Fater, an Italian FMCG company owner of the Pampers, Lines, and ACE brands. I trained the newly appointed head of data and built their first AI project, coordinating their new Data Science team, writing critical parts of the code, and advising on the deployment strategy. We built the prototype in a 2 months sprint. The project has now been scaled to several business units and is responsible for an 8 figures increase in revenue.

  • I have been advising Fater’s Data Science team for 3 years, supervising the framing, development, deployment, and adoption of projects for 3 different business units.

  • Worked with several startups, setting their data collection and AI development strategy. I brought them to functioning prototypes ready to be tested in the market, occasionally coding key parts of the product.

How I work:

I start every engagement by creating a solid understanding of my client’s existing challenges, aspirations, resources, and capabilities. Practically, this means running a series of interviews to understand the whys, whos, and hows of the company.
Once we agree on some key results we want to achieve and a strategy to get there, we identify a team that can execute the strategy. We then set up weekly check-ins where we share results and I advise on how to steer the project in the right direction.

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